Welcome to our API V4

The full breadth of our communication and the meaning behind the cognitive words we use, are carried by the pitches and tones of our vocal intonations. A meaning which is partially available on Virtual Private Assistants and bots. The more we increase the ability to understand conversational language, the more imperative it becomes to add an additional layer of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to the set of capabilities.

Beyond Verbal’s newly launched V4 cloud based API, enables you to add an additional layer of Emotion AI to your Virtual Private Assistant and Bot.

Version 4 has some exciting and improved features:

  • Reduced Analysis Time – After the first 10 second analysis is given, a new analysis is generated every 5 seconds. Click here to see our Voice Input Guidelines
  • Improved Accuracy of Temper, Valence and Arousal
  • Confidence Score - measures our confidence in the given analysis. Click here to read more about the confidence score
  • End field – In addition to the “offset” and “duration” we have added an end field for each segment time. Click here to read more about our Analysis Result Interpretation guide
API V3 is not supported anymore. Please migrate to API V4/V5.
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